Our work


The work of the APRIL Foundation is to identify and define the societal stakes at play in matters of health. To achieve this goal, we conduct or finance research, studies, observatories, publications etc. which can help us to better understand the obstacles and potential catalysts associated with the lifestyle and/or behavioural changes required to remain in good health or improve our health capital.

#Taking action

Bringing about lasting change in health-related behaviour, by conducting or supporting “learning” experiments and other forms of projects proposed or conducted by associations, foundations, charities, NGOs, research and higher education institutions etc. We also facilitate and support the design of mechanisms conducive to action (collective workshops, experimental initiatives, testimonials etc.) as well as getting our own employees involved, making the APRIL Group a vibrant hub for experimentation, learning, concept modelling and design.


Improving the efficacy of the methods we employ to promote healthy behaviour and preventive thinking, by means of objective, quantifiable evaluation of the impact of such new approaches in terms of actually changing behaviour. This involves conducting impact assessments, but also sharing lessons learned from those practices that have proven to be most effective, along with other recommendations or even models.


Reinvigorating our approaches to promoting healthy behaviour and preventive thinking by producing and disseminating fresh content (publications, lectures, teaching materials, training resources etc.) for use by prevention educators, healthcare professionals, institutions and all other actors working directly with the public in educational, professional and general community settings.

Call for proposals

Are you working on a subject that combines behavioural science and health?