Introducing the new APRIL Foundation


27 June 2023

After several years spent working in the field of preventive health, with a particular focus on caregivers, the APRIL Foundation has now expanded the scope of its mission: to fuel progress in the promotion of health and preventive care by adopting an innovative, ambitious approach informed by the behavioural sciences. These academic disciplines can help us to better understand and explain the gap between health awareness and actual behaviour in France, studying the mechanisms by which intention is translated into action in the long term.


Firmly convinced that a shared culture of health promotion is possible, and that an effective preventive health policy is indispensable, the APRIL Group has relaunched its Foundation with the bold ambition of playing an active role in the transformation of our society, from a care-oriented attitude to a culture of well-being and nurturing of our “health capital.”


Why? Because above and beyond questions of individual responsibility, it is essential to face up to our collective responsibility and the impact, both positive and negative, that our ecosystems may have on our well-being. Health is defined by a complex array of factors and variables, over which we have varying degrees of control (heredity, social milieu, family environment etc.). Promoting a culture of health and prevention requires a new approach, combining scientific rigour with a multidisciplinary spirit.